UT Ascent Elevators, the pioneers in hydraulic elevators technology is poised to take big strides in traction elevators market. Reaffirming its faith and commitment to excellence with innovative elevators solutions.
Designed to enhance the value and effectiveness of a building, UT Ascent Traction Elevators ensure safety durability, comfort, space and prompt service.  


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UT Ascent Elevators offer the best of style, elegance and perfection. The elevators are manufactured with state-of-art technology and UT's vast expertise in hydraulics. The UT Ascent manufacturing facility is the first hydraulic elevators facility in India to be certified with ISO 9002, a mark of quality and excellence.

Unmatched in craftsmanship, durability and value, these are custom designed to suit any interior. Moreover, the UT Ascent Elevators are economical due to less construction time, material cost and building space as conventional traction elevators.

Ride in safety :

Being less dependent on electricity, UT Ascent hydraulic system provides additional safety in the event of power failure. A system that's 100% safe.

Flexible and cost effective:

UT Ascent offers installations at sites where there is no provision of a shaft for an elevator and can be erected very fast.


Exclusive custom built:

Custom built to suit residential, commercial, hospitals and other industries specially pharmaceuticals, clean room and explosion proof applications.

Smooth and silent :

UT Ascent Elevators provides a very smooth ride, with precise control during acceleration and deceleration thanks to the hydraulic mechanism of the UT Ltd.

Saving Energy cost :

The UT Ascent Elevators are cost-effective due to less consumption of power compared to conventional traction elevator and lower maintenance cost.


The hydraulic power pack provides the force controlling the hydraulic cylinder through a 3- phase synchronous motors and functional valves, consisting of tank with hydraulic oil and an intergral submersible pump.

The hydraulic action of the power pack is transmitted through the hydraulic cylinder which moves the elevators car up or down.

Calibrated, tested and sealed in accordance with regulations, this actuates the safety gear in case of over speeding of elevator from a preset speed.

Set at the base of the piston rods of the cylinder, the safety valve eliminates any accidental toss of hydraulic oil and helps bring the elevators to a smooth halt.
Fluid power technology is used as a prime mover in varied industrial applications for precision and effective control specially in aviation, defence and construction



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